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Room M031 |
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All sessions held in room 1.20/1.21 of the Maths Department at FCUP |
The main objective of representation theory is the study of algebras via the study of their modules
Anfiteatro 0.05 |
Tema 1.  “Lenguajes” algebraicos en los siglos XVI y XVII En la primera sesión del seminario r
Departamento de Matemática, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto |
Higgs bundles appear in several guises including (a) as solutions to gauge-theoretic equations for c
16/04: Room M029; 18/04: Room M007; 20/04: Room M031. Coffee is served before each talk (09h00-09h30). |
16/04/2012. Introduction to Theory of Prime Ends 18/04/2012. Applications I: Index of iterates of pl
Edifício da Matemática: Sala 0.31 nos dias 10 e 11; Sala 0.29 no dia 13 |
Sala 0.27 |
12-15 Setembro. Total de 8 horas.
Sala 0.31 - 01/04; 08/04; 15/04 - 14h30 |
There will be 3 lectures: - The first is devoted to explaining the main concepts and we will take th
Sala 0.30 - 26/11; 10/12; 17/12 - 14h30 |
Lecture 1: Representations of surface groups and harmonic maps Classical Hodge theory uses harmonic
Room 0.31, Dep. Matemática. Friday 22/10: 17h-17h50m and Saturday 23: 9h30m-10h20m |
In this series of two lectures I will review what we know about moduli space of instanton bundles on
11, 18 and 19th May 2009 11'30 am room 1.25 |
Graded manifolds are "manifolds where some coordinates anticommute". Among other things, they provid
Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto |
15, 16 e 17 de Abril próximo Em cada um destes dias haverá duas sessões de duas horas Os slides d
The course will be held on Wednesdays at 15h, place will be announced. |
The aim of the course is to introduce pseudodifferential calculus for Lie groupoids and study the in
Sala 1.02 |
Lecture 1: 17 September (Wed): 14h30-15h30 (Room 1.02 ) Bundle Theory: Firstly I will try to g
Department of pure Mathematics, Faculty of Science of the University of Porto |
We shall review some results in the theory of Hopf algebras and their tensor categories of represent
Primeira aula no dia 15/10 na sala 0.04, às 14h30. Aulas seguintes no dia 18/10 na sala 1.26, às 14h30 e no dia 19/10 na sala 0.03, às 14h30 |
Lecture 1 (October 15: 14.30-16.00, Room 0.04) : Moduli and quotients Abstract: In this lecture we w
Sala 0.05 do edifício das Matemáticas |
Sessão 1 - Segunda-feira, 4 de Junho, 14.30-16.00 Classical variational principle and Hausdorff dim
Anfiteatro 0:31, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada, FCUP |
Mini-curso: In this seminar we will illustrate how problems occurring in the analysis of individual
Anfiteatro 0:30, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada FCUP |
Mini curso: Approximate Solutions of Second Kind Integral Equations Sessão 1 - Quarta-feira, 7 de J
Anfiteatro 0.05 |
A numerical semigroup is a subset of ${\mathbb N}$ closed under addition, containing the zero elemen