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Type Student Theses Advisor(s) Year Status Nationality Current position
PhD Gustavo Sperotto Pessil Contributions to the theory of metric mean dimension Paulo Varandas, Maria Carvalho In Progress Italy
PhD Odaudu Reuben Etubi Linear Response in Partially Hyperbolic Attractors José Ferreira Alves In Progress Nigeria
PhD Neeraj Kumar Numerical semigroups: a conjecture of Wilf and related topics Manuel Delgado In Progress India PhD Student
PhD Rafael Cizeski Nitchai Probabilistic Consensus Protocols on Distributed Ledger Technologies Jorge Freitas, Serguei Popov In Progress Brazil PhD Student
PhD Laura Rosales Ortiz Pseudo-riemannian geodesic flows on homogeneous spaces Helena Reis In Progress Mexico
PhD Athmane Hachim Enlarged dynamics of Fuchsian/Kleinian groups, automorphic functions, and applications Helena Reis, Julio Rebelo In Progress
PhD Pedro Manuel Macedo Ribeiro Certain classes of summation and transformation formulas involving special functions: theory and applications Semyon Yakubovich In Progress Portugal
PhD Ana Ferreira Stability and dynamics near a heteroclinic network Isabel Labouriau, Sofia Castro In Progress Portugal
PhD André Carvalho Structure, algorithmics and dynamics of endomorphisms for certain classes of groups Pedro V. Silva In Progress Portugal
PhD Lucas Amorim Vilas Boas Statistical properties of random dynamical systems Jorge Freitas, Ana Cristina Freitas, Sandro Vaienti In Progress Brazil
PhD Raquel Brás Sá Couto Statistical properties and rare events for chaotic dynamical systems Ana Cristina Freitas, Jorge Freitas, Michael Todd In Progress Portugal
PhD Nilson Lima Spectral Tau method for partial and fractional order differential problems Paulo Vasconcelos, José Matos In Progress Cabo Verde
PhD Herman Goulet Ouellet Maximal subgroups of free profinite semigroups associated with symbolic dynamical systems Jorge Almeida, Alfredo Costa In Progress Canada
PhD João Paulo Simões Maurício de Carvalho Strange attractors in Epidemic models Alexandre Rodrigues, Sílvio Gama In Progress
PhD Pedro Miguel Silva Higgs Bundles and Geometric Structures Peter Gothen In Progress Portugal
MSc Adriana Filipa de Carvalho Cardoso Funções Aritméticas e Séries de Dirichlet António Machiavelo In Progress Portugal
MSc Bernardo Mariz Ferreira Leite da Cunha Hecke Algebras and Topological Quantum Field Theories Samuel Lopes, Peter Gothen In Progress Portugal
PhD Gabriel Simões Cardoso Números multiperfeitos em domínios de factorização única António Machiavelo, Paulo José Fernandes Almeida In Progress Portugal
MSc Gabriel da Silva Martinho Harmonic metrics on flat bundles André Oliveira, Peter Gothen In Progress
PhD Ahmed Elshafei Completeness for solutions of the n-body problem and for geodesics on Lorentzian manifolds Helena Reis, Ana Cristina Ferreira In Progress Netherlands (the)