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 UC InovPed is competition of ideas to support the creation and functioning of InovPed courses. This initiative includes the encouragement of interdisciplinarity and the deepening of transversal skills, seeking to expand the curricular offer of the University of Porto in areas that are decisive for improving the training provided to our students. Another goal is to respond creatively and flexibly to the demands of a changing world. The InovPed curricular units (courses), which is financially supported from the University to start in the first year of their operation,  offer training credited to the study plans of enrolled students and, among other requirements, has to be previously approved by the organic units that make them available. .

The InovPed course that was proposed aims at providing transversal training in the field of personal skills (soft skills). Throughout the course, students  carry out a self-assessment of skills and resources and identify skills training. At the end of this course, students should have developed / stimulated their self-knowledge and a set of skills for interaction and personal regulation.


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Sandra Torres (FPCEUP)