Singularidades e Teoria Algébrica em Sistemas Dinâmicos



Exchange project with Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e Computação, USP, under the CAPES/FCT (Brazil/Portugal) agreement. The list below only includes participants from Portugal. Applications of singularity theory techniques to problems in dynamical systems, to the study of bifurcation with symmetry and to the geometry of low-dimensional manifolds. The problems to be treated correspond to the following topics:  Symmetries of maps in Minkovski spaces Equivariant binary differential equations Gradient systems of coupled cells and coupled cell networks Algebraic invariants in reversible equivariant Hopf bifurcation Global dynamics of hyperbolic reversible equivariant diffeomorphisms Global dynamics near heteroclinic cycles of reversible differential equations  Symmetries of projected symmetric patterns Invariants for bifurcation problems Generic properties of submanifolds of euclidean and hyperbolic spaces  Topology and classification of singularities and their invariants 

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