Geometry and Mathematical Physics Project



The project, coordinated by Miguel Abreu, started in May 2013 and aims at fostering the interaction of research in Geometry and Mathematical Physics within the Department of Mathematics of IST and throughout the country, through the stimuli for interaction among researchers, the reinforcement of international connections, the attraction of post-docs and doctoral students, and the organization of seminars, short courses and international meetings.

Research Group
36 months
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Instituto Superior Técnico

Other Members

Miguel Abreu
Aleksandar Mikovic
Ana Casimiro
Carlos Florentino
Esmeralda Dias
Gabriel Cardoso
Gustavo Granja
João Pimentel Nunes
João Faria Martins
João Paulo Santos
José Natário
José M. Mourão
Leonor Godinho
Lina Oliveira
Marco Mackaay
Margarida Mendes Lopes
Maria Vaz Pinto
Michele Cirafici
Paulo Pinto
Pedro Santos
Pedro Resende
Pedro Lopes
Ricardo Schiappa
Rosa Sena-Dias
Silvia Anjos