New CMUP member: Théophile Caby

Oct 24, 2021

Theo CabyI am Théophile Caby, from France. I am specialized in the study of the statistical and geometric properties of chaotic dynamical systems, in particular from the point of view of Extreme Value Theory. I will work under the supervision of Ana Cristina and Jorge Freitas. My domain of research finds applications in many areas of natural sciences, including climate and neuroscience.

I obtained my PhD from the university of Insubria (Italy) and the university of Toulon (France). For the last two years I’ve had teaching/research positions in Marseilles and in the french Caribbeans (Guadeloupe).

Apart from Mathematics, and science in general, I enjoy outdoor and underwater activities, like hiking, freediving and scubadiving.

I am very pleased to join you at CMUP!

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