Topological entropy, upper Caratheodory capacity and fractal dimensions of semigroup actions

We study a topological entropy of a finitely generated semigroup G of continuous selfmaps defined on a compact metric space X. The topological entropy coincides with the limit of upper capacities of dynamically defined Caratheodory structures on X depending on G.

The topological entropy of G is lower estimated by a generalization of Katok's $\delta-$measure entropy, for any $\delta \in (0,1).$ For a semigroup G of $\lambda-$locally expanding selfmaps on X, the topological entropy of G dominates the Hausdorff dimension of X multiplied by $log(\lambda)$. The talk is based on a joint paper with D. Dikranjan, A. Giordano Bruno and L. Stoyanov.

Date and Venue

Start Date
FC1 . 031


Andrzej Bis

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University of Lodz


Dynamical Systems